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*In view of recent developments concerning a former speaker at some events we provided media for, the Event Brand "Preparing a People" has issued a statement concerning these reports in the link above.

*Preparing a People was not a "group" to join, a religious "cult" or affiliated with any religion other than a hope in Jesus Christ for all Mankind. There has always been a disclaimer on the website that each Speaker or contributor at events were responsible for their own content, research, etc.
* We are deeply disturbed if there was any injury or hurt to any children. We have cooperated with Law Enforcement, and most of the Media has created a narrative that has done more harm than good under the Constitutional rights of "due process." We never knew Lori or her children, as she was featured in an affiliate podcast on our Network. 

*We have issued a "Cease and Desist" to all individuals and/or Media from referring to Preparing a People or our company, Color My Media, in any way connected to the Daybell case. We were never involved in anything concerning the missing children, nor any nefarious, criminal, illegal, or occult activities.